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Monday, 18 April 2011

Colonel Gadaffi, I salute you

For weeks now I've watched the international community stand by idly while the UK, France and America wage an illegal war against Libya and the Colonel. The American propaganda machine has been working at full capacity trying to sway the general public with lies and misrepresentations. The latest has been that Gadaffi is using cluster bombs! No doubt this is in a bid to sell us the same pack of lies they did with the WMD's in Iraq.  Some serious questions need to be asked of the Alliance and Nato.

1. How did the "rebels" become so well armed, and where are they getting the ammunition to maintain this long resistance?

2. The head of Nato has said that there are traces of Al qaeda amongst the rebels. The "rebels" have also come out and admitted that there may very well be a presence. Knowing this information, one must ask, is the USA, UK and France now comfortable going to bed with Al qaeda?

3. It has been reported that the terrorist organization Hezbollah  has provided the "rebels" with weapons, and probably funding of some sort. Hezbollah according to the U.S State Dept. is a terrorist organization, is the Alliance this desperate that they are prepared to go to such greats lengths to align themselves with such an organization?

4. If for some reason they are able to get rid of the Colonel, who is the leader of this "rebel" group, and how do we know that he's got Libya and Libyans best interest at heart?

5. If this is about protecting innocent Libyans, and not about OIL, why hasn't the UK, USA and France taken similar action against the likes of Mugabe and North Korea?

6. Why has Nato and the Alliance chosen a side in this matter, why is it ok to bomb Gadaffi's legitimate army who are doing their jobs and protecting their country from a "rebel" group. Are they supposed to lay down and let the "rebels" fire rockets at them, and not fight back?

I will stop here for now, but my people, questions must be asked, and answers demanded. We have Clinton contemplating arming the "rebels", we have that jackass David Cameron itching to violate the UN resolution and invade Libya, and France, being the yellow cowards that they are, begging America to come and finish it off. I wonder if a "rebel" group assembled in London with weapons and so on, would the prime minister not ask the military to intervene and put a stop to it asap.
Like him or not, Gadaffi hasn't done anything to deserve this, and the UK prime minister has shown that just like this predecessor Tony B-liar he's nothing more than a war monger!
I've put the word "rebels" in quotation marks throughout because I believe they are nothing more than a bunch of terrorist hell bent on causing war and destruction. Gadaffi still has very strong support in Libya, and this rag-tag terrorist group would be referred to as exactly that had it been in any other country. So to hell with the niceties, let's call them what they really are...TERRORIST!  That's my word.

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