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Friday, 27 April 2012

2 Steps Backwards...Paladone you Racist Bastards!

You know, I have to share a few things with my readers. It's not often that I get upset, and completely fly off the handle, however, I believe that today is definitely one of those days when someone just has to say it like it is...Folks, I'm talking about the company Paladone and their idea of " Afro Washing Up Sponges." Now what the hell is a company thinking creating a product like that? What kind of message are you sending to the community? How do you think blacks would react to a product like that?

You're insinuating that black peoples hair are like brillo pads, cause you sure as hell haven't produced any white ones with long blonde hair. You know white folks in the UK are quick to say that blacks are " too sensitive" and "pulling the race card." But honestly, what the hell else are blacks suppose to do when rubbish like this is what's passing for creativity these days! All those who are saying it's "cool" or "cute" you lot know nothing of the struggles of black people, nothing of slavery and the struggles that blacks went through. These images send out a negative message, no matter how you look at it.

Rosa Parks didn't refuse to give up her sit on the bus for this bullshit! So to Paladone,and all the others out there defending this rubbish, here's what I have to say to you...FUCK YOU!!

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